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(Renewable energy in the form of solar power can bring in big savings on electricity bills. Here’s what you should consider while installing solar panels in Brisbane.)

Going solar is a big step that necessitates a large-enough investment for the users of solar panels Brisbane. If you’re looking at doing something constructive for the environment, along with cutting down on your electricity costs, then roof-mounted solar panels are the way to go in Queensland. However, there are some important factors that you need to keep in mind to make the solar installation worthwhile.

Through this article, we help you understand if your house is geared up for installing solar panels and the factors to consider to make the process fruitful.

Setting up Solar Panels Brisbane for the First Time

Are you exploring the world of solar PV systems for the first time?

You need to know:

  • How this source of renewable energy works
  • How to select the best system to meet your requirements
  • Find a solar power installer who holds all necessary accreditations and licenses
  • How to connect to the power grid
  • How to avail feed-in tariff for the extra electricity exported by you to the grid
  • The different factors that impact the size and cost of the Brisbane solar power system you wish to invest in, etc.

Checklist for Setting up Solar Systems Brisbane, QLD

  1. There are specific guidelines for installing solar PV units in residences; these guidelines are published by the Clean Energy Council. They talk about various solar power systems, installation process, estimated costs, availability of subsidies, and the factors to consider while planning your solar system in Queensland.
  2. It would help to research upon different solar power sources – electricity retailers and solar companies – to understand how you can reduce the current electricity tariff. Besides, ascertain the feed-in tariff that you can get if you export excess electricity back to the grid.
  3. The installation of solar PV systems for households requires proper research and planning to figure out options, repair processes and warranties. The solar panels retailer or installation contractor should have all the necessary licenses in place. If you’re based out of South East Queensland link up with Energex. Else, talk to Ergon Energy/Origin Energy if you’re using the Essential Energy network. Work with a licensed electrical contractor only.
  4. Also, determine whether the solar power installer will help you file the network connection application for connecting the solar system installed on your rooftop to the electricity grid. The application has to be approved by the electricity distributor applicable to you before installation.
  5.  Understand the costs of installing the solar power system that meets with your size and power requirements. Also account for any additional expenditure, such as cabling, roof repairs, a new electricity meter, and all other indirect costs, to understand how deep you’ll have to dig into your pocket. The tools provided by the Clean Energy Council can help you get the answers you seek.
  6. Check for the necessary solar documentation before the solar system installation takes place. All appropriate paperwork should be placed with your electricity distributor for organizing the required grid connections.
  7. What if something dysfunctions after the installation processes are over? To alleviate all concerns, remember to ask for backup and support numbers from your SV power installer and electrical distributor alike.

Other Points to Consider for Solar Power Systems Brisbane

Quantum of Shade

Solar panels require minimal shading to work at optimum efficiency levels. If your rooftop is shadowed by large trees or high-rises then your system will not get enough sunlight. This, in turn, will hamper the production of solar energy in Brisbane.

What’s Your Energy Bill Like?

Your investments in solar power should justify the savings you’ll receive on your bills. For optimal saving, it would help if you’ve been paying at least $300 quarterly. Besides, out of the total energy used, at least 50 per cent should be utilized during the daytime. So, it’s recommended that you go solar only if you’ve been paying high power bills, and your sunlight-hours power usage is high.

Direction of the Roof

It works well if you have a large-sized north-facing roof for installing solar panels. A roof facing east-west would also give effective returns. These directions are specifically helpful for solar systems with over-loaded inverters.

Solar Inverters /Panels – the Right Brand

The task of choosing the best solar inverter and panels brands can be a difficult one. As per experts in solar power retail installation, it helps to freeze your selection on an established company with reasonably-priced and good products. Ensure that all typical warranties on solar panels and inverters are in place to guarantee optimum performance and good returns.

AVS Solar PV System Brisbane

Getting in touch with experts in the field of solar power installation in Brisbane can bring about the best user experiences. At AVS, you get access to high-quality solar batteries, solar panels, and solar inverters at affordable deals. Be it a 6.6kw solar system in Queensland or a unit of any other size, you can be assured of great savings and the best returns.

Are you ready to go solar? Get in touch with AVS, today!

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