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Why Is A Solar Panel In Gold Coast A Worthy Investment?


Living in a large house in the Gold Coast is no easy task and you might end up spending a hefty amount on those electricity bills. On the contrary, installing a Solar Panel in Gold Coast will lead you to save more as Gold Coast enjoys natural sunshine for a good eight to nine months each year.
With so much abundant sunshine, installing a Solar Panel is sure to give you great energy yield for most of the year.

Moreover, with ample sunshine and a powerful and efficient solar panel, more power is generated. This, in turn, helps you to reduce your electricity bills in two ways.

Firstly, your electricity consumption from the grid decreases and so does your bill. Secondly, the extra power from your solar panel earns you added money. All of this adds up to a great ROI on Solar Panels Gold Coast within a few years.

Aussie Value Solar – A Leading Solar Installer Gold Coast

Aussie Value Solar has a rich experience of helping houses on the Gold Coast to install energy-efficient and best-quality Solar Panels according to their precise needs.

We neither recommend nor offer a one-size-fits-all solution, as no two households have the same needs. Thus, you can be sure that our time-tested and customised products will help you make the most out of the natural sunshine.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of products that include different kinds of solar panels and inverters. In order to ensure maximum efficiency as per your requirements and a number of other factors, we recommend you the most feasible solar panel option along with the best converter for your needs.

We offer mono-crystalline solar panels as they offer durability, power, efficiency and ROI. mono-crystalline solar panels require an ip65 inverter.

The different types of solar panels available with us are –

  1. Jinko
  2. Suntech
  3. Canadian
  4. Qcell

Likewise, we have a number of Inverters available for you to choose from –

  1. Sungrow
  2. Growatt
  3. Fronius
  4. SMA

Aussie Value Solar offers the best solar panel price Gold Coast along with expertise and experience.

With a wide range of product portfolio, we have all that you might need when it comes to installing solar panels in the Gold Coast at affordable prices.

Contact us now to get in touch with experts and learn all that you need to know about solar panels.

Also, Check Our Best Selling SOlar Packages:

-> 6.6KW Solar System
-> 9.9KW Solar System
-> 10KW Solar System
-> 13.2KW Solar System

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