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Residential Solar Power Systems | Solar Panels Installers for Homes in Brisbane

As the owner of residential property in Brisbane, you may be
looking for affordable solar panel systems to reduce your energy bills.

At AVS, we introduce you to our experienced Clean Energy Council fully-accredited teams to get the best returns from your solar panels project.

Be it a 5kW solar unit for small homes or a 6.6 kW or 10 kW solar system for large-sized properties, we install them all.

Solar Panels for Homes – Affordable, High-quality Energy Solutions

At AVS, we have the experience required for handling all types of solar power generation needs.

We uphold the highest standards in solar systems installation and post-installation support.

As CEC approved installers and retailers of solar power products for home, we offer certified technicians to make any project worthwhile.

Benefits of Going Residential Solar

Once you choose to install a solar panels system on your residential premises, you may look forward to making good savings on your electricity bills.

  • Along with becoming an eco-friendly household, you can enjoy financial rewards with the capital value of your property increasing straightaway.
  • Residential solar power systems can reduce your dependency on electric power suppliers.
  • Affordably priced, the best-quality home solar systems, equipment and products at AVS meet all industrial standards to match your expectations.
  • You can aim for regular income by feeding in any additional power back into the grid.

Customization of Residential Solar System

The solar power designers and installers at AVS recommend and design the best solar solutions for your residential property.  They ascertain your exact power needs, brainstorm with you, and create feasible packages to give lucrative returns for your money.

5kW Solar Systems in Brisbane

5 kW and 5.5 kW solar panel systems provide good value and
high energy yields.

The solar experts at AVS will help you understand the electricity yields, price ranges, and financial returns to expect from the solar PV systems
in this range.

  • In general, a 5kW solar system would comprise of 15-20 panels
    that can be installed on 25-35 m2 of roof space. 

    The tilt angle and wattage of the panels would determine the kind
    of space needed for rooftop solar installation in Brisbane.
  • Across the last decade, the price of solar systems installation has declined considerably. As per the Solar Choice Price Index, it would cost something in the range of 1/W ($2,050) to $1.40/W ($7,000) to install a 5kW solar system in 2020.
  • The financial returns arising from a 5kW solar installation would depend on the solar feed-in tariff and schemes set for every unit of solar power exported to the electricity grid.

6kW (and 6.5/6.6kW) Solar PV Residential Solar Systems Installation

The generous feed-in tariffs and subsidies attached to the installation of 6kW/6.5kW/6.6kW solar panels, requiring just a 5kW inverter, have made them very popular in Brisbane homes.

  • 32 square metres (1.6 metres x 1 metre) of rooftop space is necessary for installing a 6kW solar power system. A 6.6kW unit would need about 35 square metres of free rooftop space.
  • A 6kW PV solar system is expected to produce about 24 kW-hours of electricity per day.
  • The feed-in tariff payments received for exporting any additionally produced electricity to the grid brings in lucrative returns.
  • It would cost anything between $5,000 – $9,000 to install a 6kW system at a home in Brisbane.
  • Installation of a solar system by our team of experienced solar technicians usually offers a payback period of 4-5 years.

Factors Impacting the Output of Solar Systems in Brisbane Homes

The power output attributed to a 5kW, 5.5 kW or
6.6 kW solar power system would depend on several factors including:

-Geographical location, annual solar irradiation/cloud cover levels daily, etc.

– The amount of shade falling on the residential solar panels.

– The tilt and orientation of solar panel arrays.

-The ultimate operating temperature and performance metrics of solar panels, etc.

Solar Power for Homes @Aussie Value Solar

The installation of solar panels requires considerable investments.
The technicians, installers and systems at AVS are fully-accredited by
the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to meet industry standards and provide good returns.

Reach out for cheap quotes for solar power installation and use of panels for homes in Brisbane.

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solar systems and solar power installers in Brisbane

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