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13.2 kW Solar System – Returns, Energy yields & Pricing

Solar Power Systems, along with the more commonly installed 13.2kW Solar System, are now powering homes and business spaces in Australia.

The cost-effectiveness of solar energy components, subsidies, tariff feeds, and big savings on energy bills have made solar PV panels with 10kW 3Phase inverters a common sight on Aussie rooftops.

The rapidly-increasing popularity of these systems can be attributed to their affordability, durability, appropriate size, operational capabilities, and the ease of receiving sanctions/approvals for grid connections.

Area and Panels Needed for a 13.2kW Solar System Installation?

As per experts in solar power installation,

  • Each solar panel measures 1.7m2 on an average.
  • On average, 40-48 panels are needed for a 13.2kW solar system with 275 – 330 watts modules.
  • Roofed area of 75-85m2 (approx.) will be required for laying out a 13.2kW system.
  • The area required for the purpose would depend on the layout of the roof, design of solar frames – tilted or flush-mounted), etc.  

Say, with panels measuring 1.7m x 1m, the rooftop area required would be about 80m2 for a 13.2kW solar PV system installation.

Are 13.2kW Solar Systems Replacing the 10kW system?

A 10kW solar inverter may be recommended for a 13.2kW system. We can oversize the panels up to 33% on any CEC approved inverter.

  • These inverters provide higher yields during early morning and late afternoon hours.
  • The highest point of energy production may recede to 13.2kW at other times of the day.
  • The guidelines issued by the Clean Energy Council are in sync with such solar-powered systems.

13.2kW Solar System Cost?

The costs of installing a solar PV system, of mid-range and standard quality, is somewhere in the range of $1 per watt.

  • On average, the price for a 13.2kW solar system would be in the range of $6,999-17,999, inclusive of all rebates and taxes.

13.2 kW Solar systems – Amount of Energy Produced

There are different variables impacting the power output of 6kW solar power systems. These are:

  • The tilt angle and alignment of the solar arrays
  • Local climatic conditions
  • Geographical location
  • Nature and amount of shade falling on the panels
  • The performance metrics of the panels, inverters and other solar components, etc.

Given below is a conservative estimate of the annual average of the energy production capacity of a 6kW solar system working at an efficiency rate of 75 per cent (as per data provided by PVWatts and Bureau of Meteorology.)

6kW solar power generation system (north-facing)
City Annual average solar energy production (approx.)
Adelaide 44-48kWh
Brisbane 50-55kWh
Melbourne 43-44kWh
Sydney 48-52kWh

13.2kW Solar System- Which Battery to Use?

Mostly, a 5kWh or 6kWh solar battery is recommended for optimum solar power storage.

Payback Period – Performance Measure for Solar PV Panels

Solar panel buyers in Australia aim for a low payback period – number of years taken by their system to ‘break-even’ in terms of energy savings on bills and other credits.

The annual savings would depend on the levels of solar energy self-consumption, type of installation and price points.

Buy 13.2kW Solar Panel System

At Aussie Solar Value, we have the full range of 13.2kW solar panels and inverters that are the best fit for commercial and residential applications.

Large enough to power small businesses and homes with large families, our 13.2kW powerful solar systems can be availed in different configurations and sizes as per electricity demands.

The 13.2kW solar systems are a good choice for suburban homes, industrial units and other commercial setups.

Reach out for more information on13.2 kW solar energy installation systems and 10kW Three Phase solar inverters.

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